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 How about this then? If you cant fix taming..

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PostSubject: How about this then? If you cant fix taming..   Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:49 pm

If you cant fix tame then..

Perhaps revisit that idea you had about mobs dropping stuff for pets...

Say... if i was to kill a mob it had a chance of dropping its soul....

Then i could go to an npc and it check if im a wiz and if i had the soul it would Reincarnate it into a pet for me.

You could put a check into npc so we cant have more than one?

Also make the Soul or whatever non transferrable so people cant horde them or sell and we actually have to kill the mob before we can get it as a pet then you can leave tame as it is and not bother.

TBH id prefer that.. then we get one pet and we can keep it till we log or die. Perhaps lower the strength of BES a little as a lvl 7 that we kept forever may unbalance things a bit but if you follow this route you could then create as many different interesting sub boss / pets for wizards up through the levels and it would be something unique!
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How about this then? If you cant fix taming..
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