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 Update 14-9-2012 6PM

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PostSubject: Update 14-9-2012 6PM   Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:17 am

This will all be implimented on Fridays Reboot:

  • All mobs Worth having as a pet now drop Pet Scrolls (detailed description to be released Monday)
  • Insect Cave Mobs Drop Gold only
  • Province Mobs Spawns upped
  • Zumas Exp Increased
  • Vipers Exp Increased
  • Sunpot weight Fixed(sorry guys)
  • OldGinseng Now Stackable
  • 1 BES now spawns in Wastelands
  • SV BES spawn time reduced to 30mins
  • Turtle Cavern INGAME! (Med lvl drops from mobs - Boss has High lvl drops)
  • TurtleCavern Added to TeleStone
  • OmaCave Is now TurtleCavern
  • Disillusion - Endurance Orbs Reversed now give correct stats
  • Fishing allowed in all Provinces
  • Fishing Safe Zone Removed
  • Gobby + Mackeral give 999 MP or HP(not instant)
  • Mystery Merchant Added to Omacave.....See what he trades Smile
  • New user command @console Lots of stuff here
  • ZT Tele Fixed
  • New Starter Quest at High Lvl Tao, War, Sin, Wiz NPCS!!(more added next week)
  • PoisonCloud lvl 3 is now set to 47
  • SSB now sc1-3

Will be adding to the list as the jobs get compleated and tested.

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Update 14-9-2012 6PM
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