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 Here's a list i have compiled.

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PostSubject: Here's a list i have compiled.   Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:54 pm

PSC - Drops seem a bit on the easy side, need lowering a bit.
Stone Temple - Snake scorps give 2200 exp (Boars give over 3k)
RMV - Exp in here seems a little low, everything except apes give less than zombies. either zombies need lowering or the spiders need upping.
RMV - Couldn't find a Crystal spider in tree path or on 4th floor, are these ingame?
Teleport Stone - no teleport to RMV on there, would be nice to have that option Smile

Everything else i have looked at seems decent and well worked out, great job guys. i will keep investigating different places and update on what i find.
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Here's a list i have compiled.
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