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 Update 16-11-2012

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PostSubject: Update 16-11-2012   Fri Nov 09, 2012 4:39 am

  • All Temple Boss Drop Files ammended
  • DD, OK, TurtleKing, StoningStatue, Wizzie + nub Bosses Drop Files ammended
  • Sewing Goods and Bone Hammers now in Quest Shop
  • Revival Amulets now in General Item shops
  • CrafterNPC has been Re-Scripted to have only stuff we use in game
  • ALL Craftable Set Items AMMENDED as the folowing:
  • WhiteGoldNeck: DC4-0, WhiteGoldBrace: AC2-0 AMC2-0 DC2-0, WhtieGoldRing: AC2-0 AMC2-0 DC4-0
  • RedJadeNeck: MC4-0, RedJadeBrace: AC2-0 AMC2-0 MC2-0, RedJadeRing: AC2-0 AMC2-0 MC4-0
  • NephriteNeck: SC4-0, NephriteBrace: AC2-0 AMC2-0 SC2-0, NephriteRing: AC2-0 AMC2-0 SC4-0
  • WhiteGoldNeck(H): DC5-1 ASpeed+1, WhiteGoldBrace(H): AC2-1 AMC2-1 DC3-1 ACC+1, WhtieGoldRing(H): AC2-1 AMC2-1 DC5-1
  • RedJadeNeck(H): MC5-1, RedJadeBrace(H): AC2-1 AMC2-1 MC3-1 Agil+1, RedJadeRing(H): AC2-1 AMC2-1 MC5-1
  • NephriteNeck(H): SC5-1 ASpeed+1, NephriteBrace(H): AC2-1 AMC2-1 SC3-1 ACC+1, NephriteRing(H): AC2-1 AMC2-1 SC5-1
  • Boss Trainer now costs 100k a spawn due to people using to finish Quests Quick!
  • EvolutionLord Will be on a 12Hour Timer On ANY MAP! Will change Maps every Friday on Reboot
  • Hell Made Slightly Easier
  • StarterCave is now the Level 22-33 Cave Which is now easier(thanks for the suggestion Sabar)
  • SupportCenter now includes ALOT more information about the servers Features
  • Old CraftLady is now a GemCrafter only
  • Website now has information on NPC's, Self Statue + Quest Statues
  • 50% Exp/Drop Rate for the weekend Via @menu

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Update 16-11-2012
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