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 New Host New Files New Team!

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PostSubject: New Host New Files New Team!   Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:55 am

Well guys this is the news you have been waiting for!! We have our server back online!!! finally. Firstly id like to Thank Sabar + Epic for all thier hard work and they put hours and hours into getting us back online!!! they will be rewarded!!!

Secondly we will keep the server as a Ruby server for now due to a big patch being released this weekend and as i can see a few skills are fixed already so theres not a big rush to change. I would like to convert to heroes though in time once im stuck for content here. Still got some things to add here to keep it interesting though!!!

Thirdly the server details. We have updraged the server files to the most recent Ruby2.6 Files so this should run the server alot smoother and there are a few fixes that we have noticed already. these being:

  • Moonlight works(tested by sabar)
  • DarkBody kinda works you select a mob to use it on(tested by sabar)
  • Not sure if this is different but plagus hits apa aswell now and drains hp like green poison
  • The Item Database has new fields allowing us to add Long item names
  • The item Database also allows for class spacific items
  • We can set fishing to have certain items fished durig the day + night

There are also a few littel changes we made while fixing the db up and a few problems:

  • All Armours can be worn by ALL Classes(some bug on sins as theres no skins)
  • The Trustmetchant had to be wipped for us to change a field for it to work again. Sorry.
  • The restore is from November 23rd
  • We will keep the Xmas event in for 3-4 weeks for you all to catch up with levels + drops due to it being an all round event!!
  • EXPECT a few bugs like quests + drops if you come across any post straight away please.
  • You may have some items in your store + bag that shouldnt be htere if thats the case please sell or drop them somewhere no one goes please!

Now the good stuff here the new files you need to get online if u already have the client then just get the patch + maps and replace the files 1 by one. RItem goes in teh data folder as well as the .wil and .wix files.

Hope to see you ingame soon guys!!!!!

Again thanks for Epic for being our new host!!!
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New Host New Files New Team!
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