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 Next Few Updates: 19-1-2013

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PostSubject: Next Few Updates: 19-1-2013   Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:16 am

Hey all just so you all know we have not stopped working onthe server at all so i thought it would be a good idea to let you all know the upcomming plans!! As the server seems stable now and has its new home we all know where we stand so here goes!:

  • Finishing to add NPC quests up to a high level(so id get the current done to progress here)
  • GMOdin will code Quests for ALL skills past level 22 so all skills past 22 will no longer be in the shop
  • Level 50 Statue quests ill get finished!
  • Adding All ANcnt Caves...AncntBC, AncntRMV, AncntPT, AncntLunar. DFoxes, trolls, pb will also get a new Ancnt type once there are high enough levels ingame.
  • QuestStatues for RedCave + Trolls + PB
  • I want to change the current QuestStatue Mob kills to have a kil counter if i can.
  • A Level 45 Cave similar to Slaves but with better drops harder mobs!
  • BattleGround will be highly increased in Atk, Drops, Bosses
  • New High Level MysteryCave
  • Few new Item Sets
  • Depending on the new functions in the new Ruby Update will also depend on what we will be adding next!!! or changing!!
  • FROZEN HELL DUNGEON to be added.
  • CashShop to be added - Will mimic QuestShop

These will be added week by week Smile

Any suggestions on new content please post here!!

Also if you guys can spread the word we are back to stay!! so get ya mates to try and old players that used to Smile

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Next Few Updates: 19-1-2013
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