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 Server Information:

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PostSubject: Server Information:   Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:04 am

Fed up with private servers? Where they always die after a few weeks or months?

So are we this is why we decided to start a low rate server so we know that
all the hard work leveling and hunting wont all be for Nothing!.
We plan to keep the server running for as long as we have People playing it
This is why we are welcoming you to

Evolution-Mir 2.6
Visit our > FORUM< for Updates.




GMMenace & GMThor

Here's the Server & Host Information:

Host Information:
Windows Vista x32 Ultimate Edition
Pentium Quad-Cure E5300 2.80Ghz x 2 with 4.00 Gbyte;
Intel(R) Radeon HD 6950
100MB Lan Line 6GB RAM

You can download the EvolutionMir2.6 Client direct from the Site

create your Evolution account And View Server Statistics

(Mirror Patch): Client Exe Patch

Have your word heard here so we can give players something they enjoy.

Server Information:
2.6 Ruby Server
No CashShop Planned as of Yet
Long Running(As Long as we have 1+ Users)
x3 Exp Rate
Starting Level to be 22 with no starting equipment nor gold
Level 60 Upgrade Human Function
Wide Range of Various Mounts to Gain and Ride
Low-Rate drop files making the server Competitive/Hard and Longer Lasting
100% User Input via suggestions and even Scripts
Additions to the Server to be added every 2 Weeks.
Starter Kit & 15k Starter Gold

New Mobs

New maps will be added to support these new mobs

New Items

Will be Loading the server with new Elite item types
(basically normal items with)
Added stats for example Elite TitanArmour has +1SC +1DC +1AC +1AMC-
New Set items to be implemented in time

New Maps

Levelling maps with a level entry requirement, High exp + High Spawn Rate
Item Maps with a level requirment like the old Slave caves

New Crafts

All new items, armours, weapons
Be expected to hunt EVERYWHERE

New Quests

Exp Quests to be implemented where you gain massive EXP for completing,
Also Repeatable
Item Quests to be implemented to get rare items/Weapons/Armours,
both ONE-OFF and Repeatable
Fun Quests

New NPC's
Teleport Npcs
Hidden Npcs around Province's


Exp Events
Drop rate increase events
Invasion Events
Quest Events

Coming Soon!

Guild List
Item Lists
Trust Merchant Sales Information

Assassins are now Officially in-game!!

There might be small donations for in-game stuff but it will only be to keep the forum alive as hosting will be free.


We thank lomcn for allowing us to advertise +1"
/Evolution Team.
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Server Information:
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