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 Update 23-11-2012

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PostSubject: Update 23-11-2012   Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:54 am

  • Farming Event Ingame: Exlained in more details here: http://www.evolutionmir2.net/t265-farming-event-information
  • Exp/Drop Event Taken out
  • EvolutionLord Changed Maps
  • RT's Now StackableWhen we put in new .EXE's) bugging atm
  • Troll Mines Ingame No spawns as of yet
  • 4 AncExpansions ingame, Explained in full here: http://www.evolutionmir2.net/t263-ancient-areas-released
  • Mining Village Ingame
  • HPBoosters Ingame
  • MPBoosters Ingame
  • SmallBundle's are now BoosterBundles
  • Guild Creation Now Works
  • War's now Work
  • Purity Brace now has +1 max SC
  • Purity Neck now has +2 min SC
  • HwanRing now has +1 Max MC
  • RevivalEgg's now AC2-2 AMC2-2

With this uodate me Might be adding the new Update Server Files. Due to them being difficult to use we will put the server down for 1hour to add them all and then test... If it runs smooth we will test them for a week. Otherwise we will revert back to the old files. This all depends if we can get an autopatcher up and running as u neew upto date rdata file everytime we tough the Database.

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PostSubject: Re: Update 23-11-2012   Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:03 am

Little update for you guys..

New complete layout of the @Menu Function:

(Image above has been Updated since screenie was taken)


There will also be some Treasure Box's hiding around! they have the chance to drop gold/items & also GuardsHelp Scrolls.. use the @Guard to summon the pet!

Addition to that, I will be re-scripting the statue stuff has my laptop didnt close correctly and i lost all my data Sad

Im'a also be adding custom items in-game, some that have rare AC/AMC/Agil/Acc.. some that are superior DC/SC/MC
and others that are good in battles! HP+/MP+/MPR%/HPR%/MR/PR..

Cant upload screenies cause my damn insert button don't seem to want to work Sad Unfortunetly. But with the new updates coming your way you should be able to see them soon enough Very Happy

I'm currently working on an AutoPatcher for our server, which will make it easier for players to keep updated with the updates & patchs, I will release the download link once its all ready.

New Custom Marriage Layout:

You will be able to take part in a series of brutal quests to prove your love for your lover!

You will need to under-go sereval Couple Quests to gain advantages:

CoupleRing's can be made by hunting in the Couples_Dungeon, where you face evil of all evil
and a mental & mind tugging survival challange.
Once complete you will un-lock access to the Couples_Masion where you will have your own TeleportStone to Couple Caves.
where you will then hunt to find materials to make your couple ring by finding the three following Items:

CoupleShard: Needed in making the DiamondCrust for your Marriage Ring

CoupleHammer: Needed in making the Golden Seal where your Diamond will sit

CoupleCloth: Will be needed in Repairing Your ring once dura is Low. Item will break if dura is 0/0

The Ring will not be Tradable, Droppable Or Sellable.
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Update 23-11-2012
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